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ECDIS Basics
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ECDIS Basics, covers the lack of knowledge in general navigation with an objective to impart practical hands-on knowledge about the most common features and functionality of ECDIS. The training course has been based on the book “ECDIS Basics” written by Professor Ralph Becker-Heins.


This is the first training course created for officers who are looking for an easy-to-follow supplement or refresher to the IMO generic course (IMO Model Course 1.27) and anyone requiring knowledge of the general features of ECDIS




-    The ECDIS mindset

-    ECDIS overview

-    International and national requirements

-    Chart operations

-    Basic ECDIS functions

-    Route handling

-    Sensors

-    Alerts management

-    Recommended reading




-    Familiarity with the most common features and functionalities of ECDIS

-    Understand the navigational functions of ECDIS

-    Assess relevant information

-    Develop an ECDIS mindset

No Vessel Systems are covered by this Course