Details of Course Type-Specific ECDIS Refresher Training Courses

Type-Specific ECDIS Refresher Training Courses

Developed to keep Deck Officers up-to-date

Refresh navigators' knowledge on specific ECDIS types! The refresher courses are precisely developed for deck officers who already own a safebridge manufacturer-approved certificate for the respective ECDIS type and need to refresh their knowledge.


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Type-Specific ECDIS Refresher Training Courses
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The ECDIS Type Specific Refresher Courses, developed by Safebridge, are specifically designed for deck officers who already own a Safebridge certificate for Type Specific Training and need refresher training, because they have not used the equipment for a period of time.


Since deck officers change ships frequently, they often encounter a different ECDIS on board, but they have to be prepared every time. Although they already own a certificate on the specific ECDIS type from Safebridge, after working with a different one for a period of time, they need to refresh their knowledge.


At the same time, the navigators, will update their knowledge on the latest software updates for the selected courses.




Module 1: User Interface

Module 2: ECDIS Basic Features

Module 3: Chart Work

Module 4: Sensors

Module 5: Route Planning

Module 6: Route Monitoring

Module 7: Chart Maintenance

Module 8: Backup Arrangements and Data Management

Module 9: Navigational Tools and Other Related Information





  • Duration: Approx. 16 hours


  • Timeframe: 5 days access


  • Language: English


  • Approval: By manufacturer


  • Prerequisites: Already certified for the specific course by Safebridge


  • Educational Objective: Type-Specific refresher training with a specific ECDIS module


  • Target Audience: Nautical personnel who have already been certified by Safebridge for Type Specific Training on the particular ECDIS


  • Delivery Methods: E-learning
No Vessel Systems are covered by this Course